We have links here to the websites of our friends and neighbours, and other sites that may be of interest to you.

Visit the House of Cheese website The House of Cheese is just over the road from Jester Antiques in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. This award-winning family business has been supplying good cheeses since 1982. They specialise in the very best farm-made cheeses as opposed to the factory-produced characterless imitations so often seen in supermarkets. The retail shop stocks about 120 types of cheese and a selection of the best of them appears on the website together with some of their other goodies. The shop is open from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday. Click here to visit the site and on-line store.

Visit Invaluable's site Invaluable provides information about antique auctions from auction houses across the globe. Their Antique Price Guide has as many as 10 million auction prices, providing results from thousands of auction salerooms including Bonhams, Christies and Sotheby's. Click here to visit the site.

Click here to visit Antiques UK A UK source of directories for the antiques business in the UK. Click here to visit the site.

Click here to go to Information Britain Information Britain. A source for UK tourism. Click here to visit the site.

Click here to visit the W3C Consortium site Our site is validated by the W3C World Wide Web Consortium. Visit them here.

Click here to visit Honest IT Honest IT is the company that built this website and maintains our computers. Visit them here.

Click here to visit our listing on iGloucestershire iGloucestershire is a Gloucestershire business directory. We are registered with them. See the directory here.

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